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“Keeping fresh produce safe, good looking and healthy is our focus. Native taste maintained and cost in mind.

Moreover, less food waste for better environment and visible customer satisfaction resulting from that. A win-win.”


Less is more.
Explore how Orgacure produce keeps, compared with unwashed fruits and vegetables, safe and fresh without changing look, smell and taste as certified independently by SGS Food & Agri.

Roger, CEO

Roger, CEO

Instant Working.
Orgacure changes the freshness game, but not the taste!

Time-tested and reliable shelf-life solution many food business trust.


Latest in food safety and shelf-life technology for highest demands. Our best.


tons food daily saved from being wasted


tons food annual saved
(755 ship container)

Charge up business with Orgacure’s climate saving solutions for fresh and convenience produce.

Explore to improve fresh produce freshness and safety and save the earth.

Ready to charge off 80% from shelf-life bill?

Find out our unique cost saving proposal for large food enterprises and SMEs

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3-log reduction. About 7 days extra shelf-life

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