Privacy statement and use of cookies

Orgacure B.V. (hereinafter ‘ORGACURE) provides information, recommendations, and product solutions to businesses to achieve cleaner (pure) and longer lasting fresh produce products. When carrying out these tasks, we process personal data for different purposes. In this privacy statement, you will find out what data is involved, how we handle it, and how you can exercise your rights in relation to your personal data.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any data that reveals information about you or can be used to identify you as an individual. Examples of personal data are your name, birthday and contact details. Information relating to a company may also be personal data, for example if you work for a company and/or hold shares in it. ORGACURE does not process any special categories of personal data such as race, beliefs, or political preference. However, in carrying out our business tasks, we process certain more sensitive personal data, such as the birthdate or passport/ID number. For example, the passport/ID number is processed when a company applies for a product supply agreement, product or service subscription or enters a non-disclosure agreement with ORGACURE and/or when identity documents are scanned. ORGACURE also processes more sensitive data as part of fraud prevention, such as administrative bans. All this is done only to the extent necessary under the law, and we delete this data when we no longer need it.

What is processing?

Processing covers all operations that can be carried out with personal data, including recording, collecting, sharing, combining, and destroying.

To be of service when you buy a product or service from us

For example, when you buy a product or service from us or register for an event.

This is part of our duty to provide recommendations, services and products to our customer. This concerns the following data:

• information for placing orders by online or telephone including information received by Orgacure affiliates, such as Orgacure agencies and licensees;
• your (business) name, address, and place of residence;
• email address;
• telephone number;
• bank account number.
What we use this data for

• Your name and address to ensure that a product (sample) can be addressed to you personally and (if applicable) sent to the correct address.

• To register you for an event or meeting during Orgacure tradefair.
• For identification purposes, for example when you register for the first time, or for displaying on a badge when participating in an event.
• With the correct bank details, we can ensure that a payment or invoice is processed with the correct details.
• To get in touch with you when needed, and to actually reach you personally, we register your phone number and email address.

This list of data will be updated if anything changes.

To provide customer service

For example, when you call or email us with a question. This is part of our business to provide recommendations, services and products to our customer.

This concerns the following data:

• identification data;
• questions that you have asked;
• contact history (when there was contact, with which department, via which channel);
• information from a submitted complaint;
• email correspondence;
• contact details of your social media accounts (if we want to answer a question you have asked via social media).

What we use this data for

• To be able to answer questions you have asked, we register the original question, any clarifications, and the subsequent actions taken. We can also serve you better if we know what interactions have taken place earlier. If we have arranged an appointment with you, we will also record this.

• In the event of a complaint or complex question, information about the content is kept in order to ensure that your question is answered correctly. We also use this data to learn and to improve our service.
• We respond to questions and other expressions on social media.

To improve our products and services

For example, because we want to know what you think about our products and services and what can be improved next time. We do this as part of our business to provide recommendations, services and products to our customer.

This concerns the following data:

• identification data;
• questions that you have asked;
• contact history (when there was contact, with which department, via which channel);
• information from a submitted complaint;
• email address;
• email correspondence;
• contact details of your social media accounts.

We record the content of the contact you have had with us, for example, by recording telephone calls and chats. We also store and read cookies when visiting the website.

What we use this data for

• To better understand who uses our products, when they do so, and how often. With this information, we can make improvements so that our products better meet the needs of entrepreneurs.
• To gain a better understanding of our customer groups, which helps us to better identify who is relevant to our products.
• To measure and evaluate customer satisfaction by means of customer satisfaction surveys by email, to determine which of our services and products are valued and which ones need improvement.

For ORGACURE marketing activities

This concerns the following data:

• name of the business contact and/or owner;
• position within organization;
• email address;
• telephone number;
• date of birth;
• sex;
• postal address and postcode of the company.

What we use this data for

• We would like to keep you informed about our products and services.
• If we do so by email, we always ask for your consent (opt-in).
• For example, you can subscribe for our newsletter and emails.
• To make emails as relevant for you as possible, we ask you a few questions to get to know you better. We also link your ORGACURE data, your favorite topics, and your preferences to your newsletter profile, so that we do not send you information on topics that do not interest you.
• We keep this profile until you unsubscribe. Every email and newsletter you receive contains an option to unsubscribe.
• In some cases, we also approach you by post or telephone, for example to invite you to a seminar or event or to draw your attention to products or services that you have expressed an interest in.
• Whenever we approach you by post or telephone, we give you the option to opt out of this means of contact.
• We analyse your data to understand the needs of entrepreneurs and to tailor our services as much as possible.

Good to know

We will not use your email address for marketing purposes unless you have given us your consent. You can stop marketing by email, post, or telephone at any time using the method indicated in the communication.

Security considerations

This concerns the following data:

• identification data (name, address, date of birth, etc.);
• identity documents;
• photos and camera recordings.

What we use this data for

• Cameras with a recording function are located at all entrances to ORGACURE premises for your safety and those of all visitors. Visitors at the office or at an event organised by ORGACURE will only be allowed access after registration, and should report to and identify themselves at the reception.

That the website works properly

This concerns the following data:

• IP address;
• details of visits to our websites (times of visits, pages viewed, keywords);
• devices used (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet);
• personal data processed in cookies.

What we use this data for

• Your IP address is processed by default when visiting websites. ORGACURE uses the IP address solely to allow you to participate in surveys (for example, testing a new website) and to participate in events.
• By monitoring visits to and use of the website, we can improve your user experience by making it easy to navigate between pages and, on the basis of your search behaviour, to better tailor the information displayed to your needs.
• By making sure that the website responds to the device used, all content (text, photos, video) is displayed in optimal form.
• In addition to your browsing behaviour on our website, cookies help customise the information provided. Cookies can also be used to store your personal preferences.

ORGACURE places different types of cookies on your computer. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites when you visit the site. Placing cookies may involve processing personal data if the information contained in a cookie can be traced back to a person, such as by using your IP address. We place cookies to make the website works properly, to carry out statistical analyses, and to be of better assistance to you.

That the website works properly

ORGACURE processes the personal data of customers who receive products and services from us. In addition, ORGACURE processes the personal data of website visitors to

With which third parties does ORGACURE share my personal data?

Users of data from the Orgacure business and Orgacure webshop. The Orgacure business and webshop is a crucial source of information for Orgacure affiliates such as Orgacure agents and Orgacure licensees. For example, they use it to check with whom they do business and to keep their client base up to date. This includes Orgacure affiliated storage and transport service providers, regulatory and analytics providers such as advisory services and laboratories and other business service providers necessary to carry out the Orgacure business to provide recommendations, services and products to our customer.

Service providers processing data on behalf of ORGACURE

In our work, we are supported by other service providers. We only share personal data that is necessary for a particular task. We also have a strict agreement with those service providers regarding what they can do with this personal data. These agreements are laid down in contracts.

Hereunder some examples of the tasks performed by companies and people who help us:

• designing, maintaining, and improving our IT systems, internet tools, and applications;
• organising events, sending emails and mail, and producing videos and brochures;
• carrying out customer research, such as surveys.

International data transfers

Your personal data will not usually be transferred to recipients in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). If this happens, we take appropriate measures, such as contractual arrangements, to ensure that your data is adequately protected. On request, we will give you an insight into these measures. For more information, please email to:

How do we ensure the security of your personal data?

Our staff handle processed personal data with the utmost care. To this end, our permanent staff and hired workers must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Only authorized staff have access to personal data, and only to the extent necessary for the performance of their tasks.
ORGACURE regularly corresponds with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA), the authority that oversees the processing of personal data. ORGACURE and the DPA discuss the general frameworks and possibilities within the law, and ORGACURE issues of doubt are raised.

For how long will my data be stored?

ORGACURE only keeps your personal data for the time necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. In doing so, ORGACURE complies with the deadlines laid down in the (Dutch) Archives Act 1995. In general, retention periods range from 1 to 10 years, however some Business records may kept permanently. More information on retention periods can be found here: Government archives (in Dutch).

How can I exercise my privacy rights?

Find out here what rights you can exercise in regard to your personal data, and in which cases. Do you want to assert one of these rights? Select the desired request and go to ‘Submit request’. You will receive a reply within 30 days of the date of receipt of your request.

Right of access

Submit a request for access in order to obtain the personal data that ORGACURE processes about you.

Submit a request (in Dutch)

Right to rectification

If your personal data is incorrect, you may ask us to correct it.

Submit a request (in Dutch)

Contact details of our Data Protection Post Box

ORGACURE has set up a data protection email post box which you can reach at:

Submitting a complaint

If you have a complaint about ORGACURE’s processing of your personal data, you can file a complaint with us using our contact form (in Dutch).

You can also file a report with the supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (in Dutch).

If you have a complaint about the use of your personal data by a party other than ORGACURE, you are advised to address that party and/or the Authority for Consumers and Markets (for unsolicited email marketing, in Dutch) or the Dutch Data Protection Authority (for postal or telephone marketing, or any other unwanted use of your data, in Dutch).

About this privacy statement

This is the privacy statement of Orgacure B.V. (hereinafter ‘ORGACURE’), registered in the Business Register under number 55194478, concerning the website.

This privacy statement concerns data processing by ORGACURE through its customer system, and the processing operations carried out on our website, as well as the use of cookies.

This statement was released on 17 March 2023.

ORGACURE has drawn up this privacy statement on the basis of the current state of affairs. We constantly monitor relevant laws and regulations, on the basis of which we adjust the statement if necessary.


ORGACURE respective is constantly looking for ways to improve its services and to adapt them as much as possible to the needs of visitors. The website uses cookies. You will need to give your consent to store them on your computer or device.

The following ORGACURE websites are covered by this cookie statement:

following ORGACURE websites are covered by this cookie statement:

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information that an internet page stores on your computer, smartphone, or other device. Cookies are not harmful to your computer and can be removed from your browser at any time.

Storing and editing cookies

You can choose which cookies you accept. This allows you to manage and modify the cookie settings on this page. If you do not accept cookies, you may be asked whether you accept cookies each time you visit the website. We always place cookies that ensure a well-functioning website. If you have given your consent to storing cookies, you can change your preference at any time.

‘Functioneel’: Cookies for a well-functioning website

We always place functional cookies for the proper and secure use of our website. For example, this allows you to log onto our website automatically. We also place analytical cookies, such as from Google Analytics, to keep track of visitor statistics, for example. We do not use this information to create personal profiles. However, we use analytical cookies to measure, for example, which sections of our website you visit and how often you do so. With this data, we can improve our website. We do not need consent for this use.

‘Persoonlijk’: Cookies for a more personal and user-friendly website

In addition to functional and analytical cookies (as described under ‘Functional’), these cookies make the website more personal and user-friendly. We will present you with information on ORGACURE products and services that are relevant for you. This concerns only our own cookies, not third-party privacy-sensitive cookies. When choosing ‘Personal’, we follow your behaviour on our website. This will allow us to show you items that meet your interests or profile. We can also show you relevant products and services that match the profile you have built up.

‘De beste ervaring’: Cookies for the best experience on this and other ORGACURE websites

In addition to the functional and analytical cookies, as well as the cookies mentioned under ‘Personal’, we place third-party cookies and cookies that enable us to monitor your internet behaviour. Thanks to these cookies, you will get the most out of our website. For example, these cookies enable you to watch videos. We also inform you about ORGACURE products and services that are relevant to you. Both we and third parties monitor your online behaviour and collect your personal data, such as your IP address or web pages you have visited. This information will also be stored on the server of the website provider or on the server used by Social media cookies allow you to connect to social networks and share content from our website on social media. Third parties, such as Google, can also perform an analysis or display a video and place cookies.

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics cookies. ORGACURE has installed Google Analytics with privacy-friendly settings, according to the Dutch Data Protection Authority guideline ‘Handleiding privacyvriendelijk instellen van Google Analytics’. This means that the last digit of your IP address is masked, and datasharing with Google is disabled. We do not use other Google services in conjunction with Google Analytics.

ORGACURE and cookies

The website carefully handles the data it has obtained, and will ensure that its processing of the data complies with the applicable laws and regulations. The website is not responsible or liable for third parties’ use of cookies, such as the responsibilities of the websites to which the visitor can link or otherwise use, such as social media providers including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Deleting cookies after storing them

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Amendments to the cookie statement

This cookie statement may change from time to time if developments warrant it. In the event of major changes, we will inform you which changes apply on the website. If there is a change to cookies that requires consent, we always ask you to give your consent again.

Questions and contact

ORGACURE has a Data Protection Email Post Box to monitor privacy.

The Data Protection Email Post Box can be reached by email at