Food processors require optimal shelf-life properties to enable vegetarian products keeping fresh sensorial and microbial.

Applying shelf-life technologies, such as Orgacure® to master this task, makes compliance with the food and environment authorities rules and regulations mandatory.


  • shelf-life addressing customers requirements
  • catering consumers wishes for convenience
  • compliance with food regulator’s ‘play-rules’

is a complex issue and an ongoing challenge.





Orgacure® VL/EX for food safety, shelf-life and appearance of fresh cut and/or peeled produce. Orgacure® is economical in use and made of high-quality, harmless materials sourced locally.


  • Anti-Browning
  • Log-Reduction
  • Dissolves fast and is applied within seconds
  • wide range of fruits and vegetables


  • Clean label (Orgacure® EX also organic produce)
  • Extra shelf-life
  • Keeps native taste of the foods

Good to know …




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Orgacure?

Orgacure is a powder liquid to clean fruits and vegetables from dirt and bacteria for more resilience against spoilage and food waste.

What makes Orgacure safe to use?

Orgacure is made entirely of food ingredients generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Similar to food supplements tablets dissolved, Orgacure when mixed with water its’s so safe it could be drunk (though we don’t recommend to do). Properly dosed and applied Orgacure allows safe operations during processing. It’s especially formulated to ensure long shelf-life and used without protective gear (Orgacure EX).

Does Orgacure leaves residues?

Properly applied Orgacure virtually leaves no residues on the fruits and vegetables washed. However, trace residues are technically unavoidable which won’t affect the taste of fruits and vegetables and certainly not human health.

From what is Orgacure made of?

Orgacure is made of all food grade and GRAS approved ingredients, in particular organic acids and organic (Orgacure EX) and inorganic salts (Orgacure VL).

Where is Orgacure manufactured?

Orgacure is, depending on customer location, made in Germany (European Union/EFTA customer), the United States or India.

What makes Orgacure 'label free'?

A tiny amount of Orgacure (water) is needed to yield the beneficial effects of Orgacure on the fresh products during processing. And such (Orgacure) as processing aid isn’t considered a ‘declarable’ food ingredient. However, use of Orgacure (water) can be freely declared as such on the food label. There is nothing to hide. More about under compliance.

Where to buy Orgacure products?

Orgacure is available in our webshop or by placing an order with our representatives in your country or with us directly via email:, our contact form or by calling 0031 (0)10 333 081 0 (local tariff).